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Multi Purpose Cleanser [MPC]

Home Care : Organic Multi-purpose Cleanser [Clean it all Plus]

Dreamz Ultimate International Associated with always a Good Quality of products with very effective price for every human beings reach. In Home-Care Category launched a product [Clean-it-All +], a type of Organic Based Multipurpose to Cleans your homes, utensils, clothes, cars, tiles, floors, mirrors, glass, tables n much more extra... 

The selection of Organic Based Multipurpose is very effective product in home care categories to Cleans your homes, utensils, clothes  cars, tiles, floors, mirrors, glass, tables n much more extra. It will be also very effectively used in Dishwashers and Washing machines too. It also protects your hands from damage to such type of market detergents.
Ingredients :-
  • Aryl Sulphonate
  • Organic Base
  • Wetting Agent
  • Perfume
Suggested Beneficial uses of Clean it All + :-
For Clothes :
For Clothes                        :     20 ml
For Heavy Soiled Clothes    :     30 ml
Uses with Machines            :     10 ml - 20 ml
[depends on small to large washing machines uses]

For Dish n Utensils :
For normal cleansing, dilute a few drops of Multipurpose Clean It All + liquid in a bowl of water, soak the scrubber in the solution and clean your all utensils n dishes to gives a new sparkle.
For Tough Oily Utensils :
For tough oily utensils, pour a few drops of multipurpose Clean It All + liquid directly and gently scrub with sponge.
For Floor Cleaning :
For Floor cleansing, Clean It All + liquid is ideal for any type of flooring,  Bathroom Tiles. Advanced formula for high foaming and cleansing, Completely cleans Grime and Dirt. It will be also used to Cleans with easy Moppers also.

[ Available in 500 ml ]

Caution for Uses :-
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach from Children.

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[Rahul Singh]
[Marketing Manager in Dreamz Ultimate]

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